Tweeky Clean Mess Less Pet Bird Feeder Small


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Tweeky Clean Feeder – Small 5″ x 5″ x 4″ Oh so useful.
Eliminates 99% of scattered seeds and hulls, with little or no mess. (A personal Favorite, Catherine)
Measures” 5″ x 5″ x 4″, with a 1/2″ perch, holds almost 3/4 cup food.
Can be used inside or outside the cage depending on where you put the hooks.
Hand wash, not recommended for dishwasher.
Note: If your bird is larger than a cockatiel the small size Tweeky Clean Feeder may be too small for it. The Large model MAY work better but if your bird can get fully inside and into the seed bin it may decide to toss the food out the front.
Please choose the size that fits best for your bird. These cannot be returned if used, sorry.

Raise the feeder door and remove the original feeder. Hook your new Tweeky Clean feeder inside (placing the hooks on the face of the feeder) or on the outside of your bird’s cage (placing the hooks on top as shown in the picture).

Your bird enters the Tweeky Clean feeder and eats, leaving uneaten seeds and hulls behind the retainers; eliminating clean up.

When necessary, empty the hulls and add fresh seed. You will be pleased with the savings when 99% of the seed and hulls stay in the holder.

If you have small birds (finches to conures), you know the headache of constant cleanup. But, with the Tweeky Clean feeder cleanup has come to an end. You’ll be amazed when you see that the Tweeky Clean feeder really works! No need to buy a cage skirt. You’ll save money on seed that isn’t lost or wasted through scatter.

Recommended for Finches, Budgies, Lovebirds, Ringnecks, Small Conures, Cockatiels, Caiques, etc.

What about the comment I sent on the order…that the opening is about 3.5″. Will the feeder I ordered fit?

The feeder hooks onto the horizontal over the opening so it should fit unless your feeder door is too low to allow clearance for the feeder.

For example, the Prevue Clean Life cages have very low feeder doors and attached seed guards to keep the mess inside the cage so they won’t fit those cages. It would have to go inside through the larger main door.

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But most wire cages have higher feeder doors so it likely won’t be a problem. 

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If you have a large enough door, you can put the hooks on the back of the feeder and hang it inside the cage facing into the cage and the bird goes into it that way. Make sure there is a perch nearby for birds that can’t fly within their cages to reach the feeders.



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