Tongue Teasers Finger Crunchy Talon Traps for Bird Toys 36 pc


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36 pc

Remember finger traps? But why give these to a parrot?

  • Use "Talon Traps" as" Crunchy woven toys are easy to pick up and munch on
  • Fill with whole peanuts or almonds Move aside a bit of the weave to thread a leather thong
  • Make a fun firecracker for your birds to mangle. Great fun for small to large parrots.

We have customers who say their birds adore them, the unknown can be scary until they discover it can be fun. 

  • Weaving them in the cage bars
  • Letting them see you tuck a nut, peanut, treat, nutra-berrie in one.
  • Thread leather strips or rope through them and tie a knot on each end
  • Tuck into other toys
  • Play with it yourself, making coo-ing sounds of joy and leave it for them to steal (they always want what we like)
  • Run one over the chain on another hanging toy in the cage
  • Roll a sheet of paper up and push through and crunch up the ends, like a paper barbell
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