Really Large Bird Toy for Big Parrots The Bell Tower


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Bell Tower Bird Toy with a Real Cow Bell for Large Parrots

42 Inches (106.68 cm) long x 18 Inches (45.72 cm) wide – Taller than an 4th grader
This is a 16 pound (7.26 kg) bird toy!

These big bird toys are hand made with love here in America using all bird safe products and components. Because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail this toy will ship in one to two weeks (sometimes sooner).

From Mighty Bird: This toy line was brought in because of the comments we hear regularly that go something like “my macaw destroyed that new toy in five minutes!” When a bird destroys a toy in five minutes – that’s a good thing by the way. It means your bird liked the toy and did what it was supposed to do in nature which was forage for food. This line of bird toys are both foraging and enrichment toys because they offer so many things for the bird to do. 

Mighty Bird specializes in safe bird toys and parts at low prices without compromising quality. When introducing a new toy to your bird they may not be interested in it at first. If that’s the case, remove it for a short period of time and re-introduce it at a later date.

Mighty Bird uses several kinds of ropes in our products, such as 100% cotton rope, sisal, jute, coconut and paper. Mighty Bird uses only nickel-plated chain and where noted stainless steel. Mighty Bird uses nickel-plated pear links and quick links in our toys for hanging and “O” rings to complete the toy. We take extra caution to eliminate any spacing when closing the “O” ring. This prevents any harm occurring to your bird. Mighty Bird does not use split rings, key rings or spring-loaded clips. All fasteners are bird size appropriate. Mighty Bird recommends at least one of your birds toys be a blend of plastic/acrylic along with your wood toys. Leather makes a wonderful, chewable safe product to play with. Mighty Bird uses only vegetable tanned leather.


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