Manzanita Flat Single Bolt On Perch 9″ Large


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Manzanita Flat Single Bolt On Perch For Handicapped Birds 9″ Large
Great for any bird from the smallest of finches to the biggest of macaws
Perch Surface and length may vary in color and size because this a natural product. Miner cracks may also be a part of the drying process of manzanita. They are not harmful to your birds.
Because of the unique nature of manzanita branches all dimensions are close but approximations:
9 In (22.9 cm) long  x 3 In 7.6 (cm)  to 4 In (10.1 cm) wide (actual lengths and widths will vary due to the “nature” of the product) about  5/8 In (1.6 cm) thick
Manzanita perches are some of the most durable woods found in nature. This particular perch is unique in that we designed it to have a wide flat surface, is wood and not metal or plastic or concrete. So it is a little warmer and natural.
The perches comes with two flat washers make it secure enough to hold the largest of birds.
Flat perches add another dimension to your bird’s cage and although your bird might not be handicapped the flat surface higher in the cage does give them some time to stretch their foot out which aids in overall improved foot health.


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