Lolly Stix Paper Sticks for Bird Toys Tinted 200 pc 1 lb


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Lolly Stix Paper Sticks for Parrots and Bird Toys TINTED

6 Inch x 11/64 Inch tinted rolled paper lollypop sticks.
Dissolves in water. Fully safe for pets.

One full pound packed in a zip bag. 
Estimated 200 plus pc per bag.
Packed by weight.
Great fun for parrots to pick up and chew up.
Stick these sticks into other toys for a whole new toy idea.
Safe for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other chewing rodent pets

Quality bakery grade colors were used and we tinted them in-house.

Chlorine & fluorescent-free. 

Certified to be in compliance with USFDA standards & similar international regulations for direct food contact. 
Independently tested as 100% biodegradable.

16 oz package is approx: 200-105 sticks
Packed by weight.


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