Lixit Water Bottle Brush Nested Set 2 pc


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Lixit Water Bottle Brush Nested Set 2 pc

  • Multi-purpose economical water bottle & tube cleaning brush set
  • Large brush 14 Inches Long (bristle section 3 Inches x 2 Inch diameter)
  • Nozzle brush 4 Inches Long (bristle section 2-1/4 Inches x taper from 7/8 Inch – 1/4 Inch diameter)
  • Extra-long flexible handle for all sizes of bottles
  • Nozzle brush is stored in the top of the handle of the wide brush for ease of storage.
  • Just pull out to use.
  • Designed to clean any type of pet water bottle.
  • A MUST have item if you use water bottles.
  • Great for regular household use too.

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 “A really great invention. I love mine to clean out my thermos lids” – Catherine Tobsing, President Windy City Parrot, Inc

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