Indoor Aviary Corner Bird Cage AE 100G-2 Green Medium


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Only Available in Green 

Bird Aviary Dimensions:
44 Inches wide x 35 Inches deep x 58 Inches tall
Overall height 58"
Bar spacing 1/2" 

  • Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
  • Slide out metal grate (This the "floor" that the birds walk on)
  • Slide out plastic tray (To catch debris)
  • Constructed of Bird-safe wrought iron
  • Durable powder-coating
  • Large opening doors
  • 2 Plastic feed cups
  • 2 Wood perches
  • 5 EZ roll casters
  • Assembly time – Approximately 60 minutes
  • Tools required Screwdriver (electric preferred), pliers

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