Higgins Naturally Grown Spray Millet for Birds 5 lb


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Higgins Naturally Grown Spray Millet for Birds 5 lb (2.267 Kg)
Honey Gold in color, this natural healthy avian treat is naturally grown and sweet tasting. Grown in the most pristine valleys of France. French millet is known for its dense, tight clusters of millet that stay on the sprigs better. Easy for birds to digest and full of nutrients. You’ll instantly see your bird’s enjoyment.

Top Quality Higgins Snack Attack Spray millet for small to large birds and parrots. This millet is packaged by WEIGHT. Not by the count to give you MORE product for your money!!

Bird food handling tip: For economy & freshness we recommend buying enough seed to last no more than 3 months. It’s best to break down factory bags and boxes into smaller double Zip Lock freezer bags (Using a bag-within-a-bag approach helps reduce the chance of freezer burn) & store in freezer.

Also available in prepacked 25 pound box or sealed 12 ct bags 



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