Hide & Seek Foraging Bird Perch 1060 6 Inch


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Hide & Seek Foraging Bird Perch by Prevue 6 Inch (15.2 cm)

  • Split bamboo perch stuffed with replenishable herbal mix of festive papers and fibers
  • Satisfies plucking and preening urges
  • 9″ x 1/2 inch – 1 inch varied diameter Split bamboo perch
  • Varying perch shape and diameter provides excellent foot healthy exercise
  • Festive papers in natural sisal fibers satisfy natural instincts for plucking
  • All naturals perches and toys are handmade from wholesome, eco friendly materials
  • Comes complete with mounting hardware for any size cage (2 washers & wing-nut)

In that birds are on their feet 24 seven, challenging their feet is of the utmost importance in avoiding problems like bumble foot.



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