Forceps or Reverse Tweezers with Stand


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It’s a standing, self-closing reverse tweezer, but it’s really a tweezer that’s closed until you squeeze it. 

It also has a frame to hold it up off a work surface, so it doubles as a vice. Ours have wooden grips and measure 6-3/8″ long with serrated jaws and a 2″ x 1-1/2″ stand. 

We’re not sure what you would use it for but we think it’s really cool.

Important bird factoids:

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  • Temperature: 108 – 112 Fahrenheit
  • Pulse Rate: 600 – 800 bpm
  • Respiration: 75 – 100 respirations per minute

Normal Values for a Large Bird

  • Temperature: 108 – 112 Fahrenheit
  • Pulse Rate: 200 – 300 bpm
  • Respiration: 30 – 50 respirations per minute
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