Elegant Top Bird Cage & Stand for Small Birds by AE 703 Platinum


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Elegant Top Bird Cage & Stand for Small Birds by AE 22×18 Platinum

Technical Details

  • Exterior Dimensions: 22″x18″x62″
  • Interior Height: 27″
  • Bar Spacing: 1/2″

Roomy interior for your small parrot in this pretty cage. The Victorian top provides a great sleep area, with lots of room for toys and perches in the middle zone of the cage, along with three stainless feeder dishes. If you have to be away most of the day you want to provide the most play and exercise room for your feathered friend, plus lots of light, and this cage is an excellent choice. The plastic bottom tray is a breeze to clean, as is the entire cage, just lift it off and place into the shower. It’s small enough to roll from room to room, and the handy storage shelf ensures all your supplies are in one place.

  • Durable plastic cage base (No rust!)
  • Slide out grate (This the the “floor” that the birds walk on)
  • Slide out tray (To catch debris)
  • Constructed of Bird-safe wrought iron
  • Durable powder-coating finish
  • Large opening door
  • 3 Feed cups
  • 1 Wood Perch
  • Detachable stand w/ Storage shelf
  • 4 EZ roll casters
  • Dome top for more room (does not open)
  • Assembly time – Approximately 30 minutes
  • Tools required Screwdriver (electric preferred), pliers

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