Comfy Rope Booda Byrdy Bush Preening Perch Small 5″


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The Byrdy Bush™ is available in 3 sizes – Small 5/8″ Thick – Medium 7/8″ Thick – Large – 1 -1/4 Thick “

This listing is for a Small about 5 Inches (12.7 cm) Long x 5/8 Inch (1.6 cm) Thick
NO WIRE! Booda Comfy Cotton Rope Perches are designed with new shapes, bright colors and truly comfortable feel beneath your bird’s feet. 

The Byrdy Bush™ helps prevent feather plucking while affording your bird with hours of enjoyable preening. The vibrant, multi-colored materials help brighten up your bird’s home.

The Byrdy Bush™ is bird breeder recommended to provide perching surfaces birds need in their environment along with color enrichment. 

Windy city parrot defines smallest species birds Windy city parrot defines small species birds

  • Helps to relieve cage stress & boredom
  • Offers birds something to chew, great for feather pluckers.
  • Recommended by bird breeders.

Bungees & other soft perchesClick for how to wash a booda soft rope perch



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