Bungee Boing Swing And Parrot Perch Extra Large 97″


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Bungee Boing Swing And Perch Extra Large 97″

1-1/4 Inch (3.2 cm) Diameter x 97 Inches (2.46 m) total length – Colors may vary

Spiral Bungees are one of the most versatile perch accessories for an aviary. Hang them from the cage roof, from the ceiling, a pass-through in a wall or wall bracket. Birds enjoy the motion which mimics that of tree branches.
Colors Vary
  • Soft on a bird’s feet
  • Provides great foot exercise
  • Wire cored rope coil bird bungee toy
  • Great for all size parrots
  • Bell on the bottom for the bird’s entertainment
  • Wide jaw quick link on the top
 Video of cockatoo having lots of fun on a spiral bungee (yes, it is sideways)

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