Bird Bath Ceramic Water Dish by Prevue for Small Birds 5403


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Bird Bath Ceramic by Prevue Pet for Small Birds
Cool to the touch, pleasing to the eye, and standing up to moisture, ceramics are the ideal accessory for you and your favorite companion. 
This bird bath is perfect for extra-small to medium birds. (Finches, canaries, lovebirds, parrotlets, budgies can bath in it. Larger birds can splash in it or use as water dishes)
The bath can be hung in the cage or set or the cage floor. Hole in top of Birdbath includes sisal rope for hanging. 
4 7/8″ diam. X 6″ H
  • Hangs in the cage or rests on the cage floor
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • A pale eggshell blue color
  • Fill with 2-4 oz. water to leave room for bathing
  • Can also be used as a food or water dish

Just a beautiful addition to your bird’s cage. 



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