Barrel of Fun Bird Toy Foraging Nut & Treat Holder


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Barrel of Fun Toy 3-3/4 Inches x 1-1/2 Inches x 2-3/4 Inches

Fill with Nutri-berries or other small treats to challenge your bird. The bird has to hold on to the “barrel” knob while twisting the 2 “drawer” knobs then pulling the drawer open to access the treat.

Hide treats inside! Build your bird’s brilliance: Teach your bird to unlock the chamber and reveal hidden delights!

Made from chew resistant TOUGH polymer. Chain and quick link are nickel-plated and zinc free.

“This toy work for birds conures up to macaws. A treat is placed in the open drawer of the toy and hung in the cage. The bird finds the treat and eats it, this is repeated a number of times, then the drawer is closed and with just a tiny turn it is kept closed until the bird bangs on it and the drawer pops open, repeat this, then after awhile the drawer knob can be turned a bit more holding it closed longer with a few shakes required to open it up, This continues until the knob is turned more requiring more effort to open. Of course, a conure will not need it to be tightened much, but a macaw would.”



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