Avian Fashions Lanyard AnchorLine Fits Flight Suits size Wide to Colossal


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Avian Fashions Lanyard AnchorLine Fits Flight Suits from size Wide to Colossal

48 In (1.2 m) long – stronger and Heavier than the small Lanyard or Petite Leashes. Sturdier reinforced.

Fits FlightSuits size Wide – Wide Plus – Extra Wide – Extra Wide Plus – Extra Large – Jumbo – Colossal – Mammoth

With the Avian Fashion’s FlightSuit and Leash, it’s easier than ever to spend more time with your bird outside the cage – take your bird for a walk, visit the pet shop, or just enjoy the great outdoors without the risk of a “fly-away.

Each leash features a Velcro tab which attaches to the back closure of the FlightSuit; they are safe and non-invasive for your bird. Offered in three different styles (see size chart below), the Avian Fashion’s leash comes in a wide range of colors to compliment every FlightSuit.

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Exclusively for use with FlightSuits to keep birds safely grounded. Velcro attaches easily to FlightSuits! by being sandwiched securely between the velcro closures on the back of the suit.

PLEASE chose carefully, Fabric items, Flight Suits, Leashes, Harnesses and liners are not returnable due to the potential of bio hazards. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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