2 PACK TOPS Parrot Food Pellets For Small Hookbills 3 Lbs 6 Lbs total


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TOP’s Outstanding Small Pellets for Small Hookbills 3 lb

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TOP’s Small Pellets™ are USDA Organic Certified and perfect for mid-size and smaller parrots, like conures, quakers, parakeets, parrotlets, and parrots who eat directly out of the bowl. These specialized pellets, which measure 5/32″ in diameter and are made of the same ingredients as our large pellets, are all-natural and do not contain any fillers, like soy or corn,  artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, wheat, nuts or sucrose/sugar. 

Check out this easy-to-follow Feeding Guide to see which TOP’s products are best for various sizes of birds. Regardless of size, our large, small, and mini pellets are made with the exact same ingredients and can be eaten by any sized parrot.

Feed your small companion approximately as much as they want each day, as TOP’s Small Pellets are a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients for a happy and healthy parrot. Naturally preserved with Rosemary, Rose Hips, Lemon and Orange Peel and are non-GMO.

TOP’s Outstanding Small pellets do not contain any fillers, like soy or corn, or BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin. We use only fresh, natural ingredients and avoid all artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or sucrose/sugar.

Recommended for smaller size parrots, such as:

• Budgies

• Parakeets

• Cockatiels

• Parrotlets

• Lovebirds

• Conures

• Quakers

• Lories


Organic alfalfa, organic hulled millet, organic barley, organic rice, organic sunflower seed hulled, organic sesame seeds unhulled, organic quinoa whole, organic pumpkin, organic buckwheat hulled, organic dandelion leaf powder, organic carrot powder, organic spinach leaf powder, organic purple dulse, kelp, organic rosehips powder, organic rosehips crushed, organic orange peel powder, organic lemon peel powder, organic rosemary whole leaf, organic cayenne ground, organic crushed red chili peppers, organic nettle leaf, cinnamon.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein min 13.6%, Crude Fiber max 8%, Crude Oils, and Fats min 5%, Moisture max 10.3%.

Why we don’t have soy, peanuts, or wheat in our pellets.

SOYBEANS: There is more and more disturbing data found about soybeans and products. Soybeans in their natural state contain large quantities of natural toxins and there is data that soy is cumulatively toxic when fed to animals.

For example, The PARROT SOCIETY NEW ZEALAND claims that soy products in bird food have caused such problems as immune system breakdown, failure of organs, and multiplication of the birds’ own benign bacteria.

PEANUTS: It seems that more and more birds develop allergic reactions to peanuts, so we view them as a great treat for birds that are not allergic to them, but not part of their daily diet.

WHEAT: Wheat is a common allergen and contains about 80 different components that can cause a negative reaction. The number of people that are allergic to wheat and wheat products is raising daily in alarming amounts. If that is the case for humans, and we are not sure how it acts in birds, better safe than sorry.

Other pellets on the market contain fillers such as corn, soy,  peanuts, added minerals, and added artificial vitamins. TOP’s contains only real food ingredients.

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