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3 Bird Safe No Stick Cookware Alternatives

Hi Mitch I am long overdue for getting appropriate bird-safe cookware to use around my African Grey.   I’ve wanted the Calphalon set for years. Do you know anything about it being safe? I get a little confused. I know

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WWII open cockpit pilot dropping carrier pigeon

Our Tribute To Birds In The Military

or “You might be speaking German if it wasn’t for pigeons” Originally published May 22, 2013 This post has been re-edited many times and fresh content related to pigeons was added 5/22/18 which can be found below. An addendum was added

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The Disconnect Between Avian Vets & Birds

Mitch, I have a question and thought perhaps you might know the answer. I am also a strong proponent of flighted birds. I was wondering if there is any scientific data on whether flighted birds are less likely to pluck?

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