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How Can We Slow Our Cockatiel’s Flight?

Scott S. is unsure about free flight (sort of):   Hi folks: My question: is there a “best way” to transition our flighted, little shy of three-year-old ‘Tiel to a quasi-free flight environment (inside a screened lanai).   Buddy is

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Why Does My Pineapple Conure Bite Me?

Helen W. is unsure about her two birds:   Love bird and pineapple parrot.   They are a pair.   The pineapple parrot likes to bite me.   The love bird attacks her fruit treats.  

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How Do I Rehome My Panama Amazon?

Pearl is sad:   I have to give up my Panama Amazon, she is very jealous of my Jenday Conure. where do I go to do this?   Dear Pearl, Sorry that you can’t keep both birds. Was the conure

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