woman with blue and gold macaw on arm and eclectus parrot in hand on the beach


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How Do I Care For My 2 Eclectus Parrot Pluckers?

Hi Randall   I’m looking at the pictures you sent, thank you.   Obviously, the birds have feather self-destruction issues.   Typically these need to be addressed holistically.   Before we get granular on the issue let’s do some housekeeping

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Follow up – Scott and Buddy

This is a follow up to the post:   How Can We Slow Our Cockatiel’s Flight?   Hey Mitch:   So as a follow-up to our question about getting our afterburner equipped Gray Cockatiel safely acclimated to free flight in

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How Do We Teach Our Bird His Name?

This is a follow-up post to:   How to Remodel a Cage to Reduce 2 Bird’s Hormonal Behavior   Lisa N. writes:   Happy New Year Catherine this is Lisa. I just wanted to let you know that Reggie and

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