Windy City Parrot Defines Small And Medium Size Species Of Pet Birds

Small species pet birds

Birds we classify as “Smaller” species 

FYI  There’s something like 100 species of Conures. Conures need to be subdivided into small, medium & large (which is on our to-do list)

Green cheek conures weigh 64 grams (cockatiels are about 100 grams – Patagonian conures weight about 280 grams, about the size of a Timneh African grey.

Don’t think for a minute conures can be classified into one size category

Large Canaries

Gibber Canary


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How To Stop An Indian Ringneck Parrot From Biting
3918810 - indian ringneck parakeet (psittacula krameri manillensis) on black background.

How To Stop An Indian Ringneck Parrot From Biting

We rescued a 15-year-old African ringneck about two months ago and renamed him Keto.

If he gets near my hand or arm he will lash out and try to bite me.

I’m very careful to avoid this.

Interestingly enough Catherine will draw him out of the cage with his big bell toy and he will play in her lap for half an hour, as long as she has the bell toy.

He will do anything for the bell toy.


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