What’s the Best Way to Travel 1200 Miles With 3 Parrots?

Anita J. needs to know,


We are moving to a new house, a 1200 mile trip.


With a Noble Macaw (20), Sun Conure (23), and Cockatiel (29).


Editors note ~ Most humans mistakenly believe all macaws are large birds. Noble macaws and sun conures are roughly the same sizes. Noble macaws are roughly a little more than 5 ounces whereas sun conures are a little less than 5 ounces. Cockatiels on average are about 3 ounces. Endnote



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Traveling with Your Bird? Here’s Your How To’s

Air travel with your bird is a post all its own so today we’ll focus on terrestrial travel.
We are moving all comments from the old style blog to this new fancy schmancy one, by hand. Any comments made today and moving forward, will be made under your own profile. We apologize for any confusion and hope this new format will help make us all better pet bird keepers.  (more…)

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Cages, Short Toenails, Freezing Pellets, Are Eggs Bad ~ Answered!

Editor’s note: sometimes we combine several answers into a post to make for more interesting and efficient reading endnote


Hi Mitch,


In response to the comment about travel cages, I have found a solution.


My Senegal parrot (Gonzo) did not like to hang out in a smaller cage.


So I got her a reasonably-sized cage that I can use for her travel or if she needs to stay with someone.


I can drive with it and strap the cage into a seat belt.


I set it up in another room and left the cage door open. She has started playing inside it and seem to like it.


Now, with COVID-19, I am working from home, and need it to be quiet when I’m on the phone.



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How Long Is Too Long for Birds in Travel Carriers?

Judy M. worries about:


Hi, Mitch,


The closest avian vet to me is 2 hours away, I worry about my bird being in his travel cage or carrier ( as I have both) for so long, the trip there, the trip home, the visit itself…..


Do you think it would be extremely stressful for Alex?


He has been to an exotics vet, who is only about 15 minutes from me, he was fine.


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