Thank You for Recommending Tropican by HARI

Jen M. writes, 


Hi, we just wanted to thank you for the Hagen Tropican recommendation!


We ordered the sticks.


Our macaw just loves them and they smell amazing!


I feel so good knowing that I’m feeding them healthy food.


I had no idea that Zupreem had sugar in it and all that color can’t be good.


We also ordered the Prime Vitamin per your recommendation.



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The Ultimate List Of 43 Macaw Species With A Focus On Large Macaws
11938051 - the scarlet macaw is a large, colorful macaw. it is native to humid evergreen forests in the american tropics. range extends from extreme south-eastern mexico to amazonian peru, bolivia and brazil

The Ultimate List Of 43 Macaw Species With A Focus On Large Macaws

This first list is of “mother nature made” Large Macaw Parrots


  • Blue & Gold Macaw
  • Blue Throat Macaw (endangered)
  • Buffon’s Macaw aka Great Green Macaw
  • Green Wing Macaw
  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Lears Macaw
  • Military Macaw
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Spinx Macaw


An abbreviated science lesson as to how large hybrid macaws are bred by humans:


(Videos of all macaw species we could gather are below for your visualization, education, and entertainment)


  • Buffon’s + Green Wing = Buffwing Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Buffons = Bluffons Macaw
  • Green Wing + Military = Calico Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Hyacinth = Caloshua Macaw (no video available)
  • Scarlet + Catalina = Camelot macaw
  • Green Wing + Calico = Cameo Macaw
  • Scarlet + Camelot = Capri Macaw
  • Catalina + Blue and Gold = Catablu Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Scarlet = Catalina Macaw
  • Catalina + Green Wing = Flame Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Harlequin = Harligold Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Green Wing = Harlequin Macaw
  • Harlequin + Green Wing = Jubilee Macaw
  • Harlequin + Catalina = Maui Sunrise Macaw (no video available)
  • Blue Gold + Red Front = Maui Sunset Macaw
  • Hyacinth + Military = Milicinth Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Military =  Miligold Macaw
  • Buffon’s + Green Wing = Miliffons Macaw (no video available)
  • Ruby + Catalina = Rubalina Macaw
  • Green Wing + Scarlet – Ruby Macaw
  • Scarlet + Military = Shamrock Macaw
  • Scarlet + Miligold = Starlight Macaw
  • Harlequin + Scarlet = Tropicana Macaw
  • Scarlet + Buffon’s = Verde Macaw


Not to be confused with this list of smaller or “Mini Macaws”

(a Mini Macaw blog post will be found here)



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Why Does My Macaw Regurgitate in Her Cage Daily?

Charles S. relates


My bird is 14 years old. I have had him/her since being a baby!


Every day she regurgitates about a cup full in her cage!


When I leave her with an experienced bird keeper she does not do this!


They indicated that I may be petting her in a way that arouses her and that may be the problem.


She has been doing this for years.


Could it be how I’m feeding her? Usually, I feed her orange slices, 1 cracker, 2 peanuts, and a scoop of Zupreem twice a day.


Plus I give her another couple of peanuts as a treat during the day?



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How Does My Family Keep Our Blue & Gold Macaw as My Parents Age?

Kirstin B. relates




I have a blue and gold macaw parrot.


He has been in the family since he was a baby.


Sadly my great uncle was the one who got him and died shortly thereafter.


He has gone through 2 other family members until sitting with me and my dad.


My dad got him about 20 years ago and my dad was so good with him.


Unfortunately in the past 5 years, my dad has had a lot of issues with the bird.


The last year I have pretty much taken over the bird however I will be leaving the house in about a year and a half for college.


I would like to have the bird in the best state possible and have my parents really comfortable with the bird.


So far the bird is only comfy with me as of lately.


My parents have low tempers with him which they are working on.


I just want the best for the bird and would love some tips you could give me to help him feel cozier with my parents.



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Which Larger Parrot Species Is the Least Difficult to Take Care of?

Thank you for acknowledging a category for “large macaws,” you’ve been paying your due diligence.


My knowledgebase comes from operating a  website that sells exclusively to pet bird keepers.


You can read about 1400 posts I’ve written on pet bird care.


Re: “Please don’t kid yourself there are no large parrot species that is any less difficult than the other to take care of” (below).


First, off one person’s, anecdotes should not be a driver on how to create a single bird or a flock’s environment.


Re: “ I recently bought a brand new TV and thanks to my parrot it has a crack in the screen”



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What Sizes Do the Tropican Parrot Food Pellets Come in?

Linda L. would like to know:


Is the size of the Tropican Lifetime Parrot granules much bigger than the Tropican Lifetime Cockatiel granules?


Hard to tell from pictures


Dear Linda,

The Cockatiel size granule is 2 mm, the Parrot size granule is 4 mm.


The stick sized pellet is about 3/4″ x ¼”.



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How Do I Rescue Someone Else’s Macaw?

Shelly A. wants to help another owner’s macaw


There is a greenhouse that changed hands a year ago, and they have a Macaw named Baby, in a chain link dog kennel type enclosure with one toy, no perches, no real interaction, and lives on parrot kibble like a stray dog. 

I’ve spoken with an employee, but Baby doesn’t have an owner, just a business bird that nobody really takes care of.

The employees do the best they can, I just recently moved into this area or I would have done something sooner.


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