How Do I Handle 2 Flighted Out of Control Cockatiels?

Elleen A.  relates,    


I have 2 male fully flighted cockatiels that will not let us handle them. They are bonded. How can I get them to let us handle them again?


Dear Elleen

Short answer. You can’t.  Birds of a feather stick together and you have no feathers.  


Long answer.


You can clip their wings, separate them into different cages, and plan to spend several hours with each of them individually in daily sessions in hopes to earn their trust and want to be with you.



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What’s the Best Way to Travel 1200 Miles With 3 Parrots?

Anita J. needs to know,


We are moving to a new house, a 1200 mile trip.


With a Noble Macaw (20), Sun Conure (23), and Cockatiel (29).


Editors note ~ Most humans mistakenly believe all macaws are large birds. Noble macaws and sun conures are roughly the same sizes. Noble macaws are roughly a little more than 5 ounces whereas sun conures are a little less than 5 ounces. Cockatiels on average are about 3 ounces. Endnote



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Do You Think Lupron Would Help or Hurt My Cockatiels Behavior?

Joanne F. wonders aloud,


Been reading your blog about the effects of Lupron on female birds for egg-laying.


My vet is suggesting these injections for my male white face cockatiel, “Pico”.


Pico is literally like Jekyll and Hyde.


Very loving but can turn on you in a nanosecond.


He is so highly hormonal that almost anything is perceived as a potential mate.


Feet, sneakers, plastic Kind bar wrappers……the list is expanding.



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I’m Frustrated With Featherbrite-how Do I Fix My Lighting?

Cynthia expresses her frustration with the FeatherBrite bird cage lighting system:


I have the swag lights that require two bulbs.


I bought the 16 watts LED bulb and the UV blue bulb in September, and now they’re burned out.


I don’t even see the same bulbs as a set for sale on your site.


I have a Pagoda-style light that requires one bulb but those apparently aren’t sold for that style anymore.


I can’t keep buying lighting fixtures. Help!



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