Will Bright Full Spectrum Lighting Cause My Bird to Go Blind?

Rob K. has a “Light question”


Mitch, I have read much and understood all of your points about lighting.


My bird is a Congo African Grey.


My concern is that I have also read articles about the danger of eye damage such as cataracts from such closeness and intensity of the light. At the equator, high noon footcandles range from 9-10,000 and cycle up and down moonlight to moonlight (.01 FC @ full moon) and between dawn & dusk (10 FC).


I have a full spectrum bulb in my ceiling 5′ above his cage.



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A Congo Greys Companion’s Feather Plucking Questions Answered

First name: Peggy C.


How long has your bird been plucking? 


Approximately 7 years 


Species (please be specific, there are 43 species of Macaws) 


Congo African Grey parrot


Your bird’s sex if (known) by DNA or feather color (dimorphic bird)? 




Your bird’s age? 




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Is Lafeber Avi-era Superior to Nekton-S for an Avian Vitamin?

Michael G. asks,


Mitch, you spoke about vitamins today, specifically Lafeber Avi-Era.


You’ve approved the diet for Big Boy Grey and Little Girl Grey.


I always used Nekton-S in their water until I learned from you about using a bigger amount of pellets and fewer seeds.


They eat each well and seem to enjoy their overall diet with fresh fruits and veggies for “lunch” each day.



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