Should I Remove a Budgie With Splayed Legs From the Nest Box?

Kyndra B.  relates,   


One of my baby budgies (about 2-3 weeks old) has splayed legs but is still in the nest box and being fed and cared for by the mom. 


Is it okay for me to remove the baby to put bands on the legs and then place it back in the nest box?


I don’t want the mother to stop feeding/caring for it because I handled it.


I also don’t want the splayed legs to go untreated for too long.



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Thank You for Recommending Tropican by HARI

Jen M. writes, 


Hi, we just wanted to thank you for the Hagen Tropican recommendation!


We ordered the sticks.


Our macaw just loves them and they smell amazing!


I feel so good knowing that I’m feeding them healthy food.


I had no idea that Zupreem had sugar in it and all that color can’t be good.


We also ordered the Prime Vitamin per your recommendation.



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What Would Be a Good Perch for My 2 Amazon Parrots?

Deborah F. is looking to get new perches for my blue fronted amazon male and orange wing amazon female… they like to sit on the same perch during their out time ..which is most of the day.


Would this perch (small) or the same one in medium be strong enough to hold them both?


Coffee Tree Perch Natural Y by Prevue 9″ Small 

Right now they have a medium Polly sand perch with no coating on it and it holds them just fine.



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Will Bright Full Spectrum Lighting Cause My Bird to Go Blind?

Rob K. has a “Light question”


Mitch, I have read much and understood all of your points about lighting.


My bird is a Congo African Grey.


My concern is that I have also read articles about the danger of eye damage such as cataracts from such closeness and intensity of the light. At the equator, high noon footcandles range from 9-10,000 and cycle up and down moonlight to moonlight (.01 FC @ full moon) and between dawn & dusk (10 FC).


I have a full spectrum bulb in my ceiling 5′ above his cage.



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How Do I Handle 2 Flighted Out of Control Cockatiels?

Elleen A.  relates,    


I have 2 male fully flighted cockatiels that will not let us handle them. They are bonded. How can I get them to let us handle them again?


Dear Elleen

Short answer. You can’t.  Birds of a feather stick together and you have no feathers.  


Long answer.


You can clip their wings, separate them into different cages, and plan to spend several hours with each of them individually in daily sessions in hopes to earn their trust and want to be with you.



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What Is a “good” Diet for a 3-year-old Eclectus Parrot?

Julia M. asks,


Top of the morning! Could you tell me what a “good” diet is for a three-year-old Eclectus?


I have had him since the middle of his weaning.


Editors note ~ about 20% of parrots are sexually dimorphic meaning you can tell the sex by the bird’s color. Males are green, females are red, so Julia can use the pronoun “him” with certainty. Endnote



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