Keeping Birds and Parrots Flighted

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Yes, it is true that flighted birds may have accidents, which some folks may attribute to their being flighted.


But then birds whose flight has been impaired also have accidents due to flight impairment.

Clipped birds are vulnerable to death during escape from cats, dogs and being run down by vehicles.


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What Bird Seed Blends Have No Safflower or Sunflower?

Harold Writes:


I’ve been feeding my 12 conure and cockatiel friends Kaytee cockatiel Fortidiet and then top layer with Roudybush pellets for many years. 


Their doctor objects to the safflower and sunflower “too much fat”.  


(I also feed vegetables) can you suggest a replacement for Fortidiet?


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Windy City Parrot Defines Small And Medium Size Species Of Pet Birds

Small species pet birds

Birds we classify as “Smaller” species 

FYI  There’s something like 100 species of Conures. Conures need to be subdivided into small, medium & large (which is on our to-do list)

Green cheek conures weigh 64 grams (cockatiels are about 100 grams – Patagonian conures weight about 280 grams, about the size of a Timneh African grey.

Don’t think for a minute conures can be classified into one size category

Large Canaries

Gibber Canary


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Can My Daughter And I Co-Bond With An African Grey?

We don’t generally interact with mainstream bird rescue organizations.

The last bird club/rescue meeting I spoke at began with a police presence called by the current president trying to forcibly remove the former president, who wouldn’t leave.

The next 15 minutes resulted in parliamentary maneuvers so legal action could be brought against the former bird rescue president.

We’ve seen that a lot over the years.

Which is why we mainly work with private rescues and bird rescue initiatives.


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12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

At first I thought to myself “this’ll be fun.”


Once I started the project it was a bit more difficult than I forecasted.


I originally started with 9 YouTube channels but some favorites needed to be included not simply based upon numbers.


For those who are not following on us Facebook or our YouTube channel, you’ll note that we are ramping up our use of Fid-eo to better communicate caged bird care.


Our goal is not to replicate what was being said but to bring more valuable information to the conversation.


I get alerted to every new fid-eo about pet bird care from the list of experts I’m going to be exploring with you shortly.


I’ve curated a list of what I subjectively feel are the 12 top YouTube channels to watch for captive bird care.


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How did my bird get polyuria and what can I do?
11184992 - male and female cockatiel facing each other, nymphicus hollandicus, in front of white background

How did my bird get polyuria and what can I do?

I have a cockatiel that has had extreme polyuria for years.

The vet believes it is liver damage.

He is a heavy whiteface pied.

Those mutations have been known to develop liver problems.

I am searching for ways to help his polyuria.

He is otherwise healthy and happy.

(sorry couldn’t find a white face pied pic)


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We’ve learned how much we know and don’t know about captive bird care after taking the exam
41903388 - beautiful macaw parrot in a zoo - zoo photography

We’ve learned how much we know and don’t know about captive bird care after taking the exam

Find the Birdy IQ exam here if you haven’t taken it

Of the first 170 exams we had a 25% pass with 75% correct answers to 44 multiple and true/false questions

Please share your comments below terms if you think this helped or did not.

What else would you like to see?

more questions and/or explanations to the answers.

Please comment below


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