Have You Ever Experienced a Bird With “Bumblefoot”?

Karen C. asks,


Have you ever experienced dealing with a bird that has developed what they are calling “bumblefoot”?


I have a parakeet that has a sore spot on the bottom of one of its feet.


When I looked it up on the internet it didn’t seem like much could be done and this little guy isn’t finger trained.


He was a rescue along with 3 other birds.


It’s quite a feat to catch him at all and I don’t want to stress him out anymore than the poor thing already is.


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Why Are My Darling Birdling Female Parakeets Not Getting Along?

Barbara T. writes


My darling birdlings, parakeets, happen to both be female.


One, MoonShadow, is approx 7 years old…a rescue.


When her partner passed last year, after the funeral, MoonBirdy was sooo lonely, depressed, inactive.


We, in mid pandemic, bought a pet shop friend for her. Of course, the pet shop attendant assured my husband Mercury was Male.

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Is a prevue 3181 the right size playstand for my parakeet?
common pet parakeet in front of white background

Is a Prevue 3181 the Right Size Playstand for My Parakeet?

Lisa H. wants to know,


Did I buy the right size play stand for my parakeet?


Hello. I probably should have asked you this Before I bought the play stand, but I was excited to receive it.


So now, before I open it, I would love to hear your opinion if I did right.



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Should You Really Buy the Biggest Cage You Can Afford?

Karen C. asks,

I know you’re supposed to house your pet in the largest cage you can afford.

At least that’s what I’ve read in past issues of Bird Talk.

Anyway, I’ve done my share of parakeet rescues and as of now, I’m down to 2 birds.

They’re housed in an older Prevue cage #F099 which I purchased when a pet shop by us was going out of business and was selling out their stock.


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How Do I Reduce My Male Budgies Aggression?

I look forward to getting your email every Sunday and reading it has become as much a ritual as the old Sunday paper.


And now I have a question for you.


Thunder and Lightning are my bonded parakeets.


I’ve had them for years.


Last summer I saw more and more breeding activity, so I bought a box and let nature take its course.


Thunder laid four eggs, one of which was fertilized.



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A Better Bird Video Series For Training Birds And Their Humans

Just as the name implies, this is a series of quick and easy ways to help your birds stay happy and healthy around the clock.

This is a series of short but incisive ideas you can apply today bringing you closer to bird care nirvana.

The number of things necessary to provide foraging enrichment for your birds can be found in a series of quick and simple ideas.


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Zen And The Art Of Budgerigar Maintenance


a small gregarious Australian parakeet that in the wild is green with a yellow head. It is popular as a pet bird and has been bred into a variety of colors.

This article about budgies was originally written on April 14, 2010. Fast-forward to the fall of 2016 when we acquired Bacon our first budgie.

Today our family includes 4 budgies, Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Jam which we appropriately named the Breakfast Club. (and Peaches our Rescue Senegal too!)

If you going to talk the talk then you must walk the walk” has been said an infinite number of times over the years.

Cleaning and feeding 4 millet-loving budgies and a Senegal on a daily basis provides lots of insight which allows me to understand what all of you go through daily to one degree or another.


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My Budgie is Plucking and I Don’t Know Why?

Mary W. relates:


One of my budgies (male 2 years old) got a crop infection late Jan.
He was plucking at his abdomen.
The vet put him on antibiotics and had to keep him at the vet clinic for a week as my brother had a heart attack & died and the friend that I had taking care of my birds could not catch him (fully flighted) to give him meds.
When I got back 10 days later and picked up my guy from the vet-all of his chest feathers were gone!
I figured that once I got him back to his flock he would be ok.


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How Do I Get My Girl Budgie to Like Her Own Cage?

Gloria W. writes:


Hello Mz Tobsing

I appreciate your advice on light therapy as that cured the hormone problem for my little girl parakeet.

Now I have a new problem or question, please.


I have two boys and one girl parakeet each with their own cage.


The little girl has a larger cage than the boys.


All the cages sit on tables.



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