Can I Improve My Budgies Diet Using Vitamins or Supplements?

Yvonne S. wrote:


I would like to ask you a question about my parakeet.


I have been thinking she could use a vitamin/supplement.


She has a very good appetite and is active but she is eating like nobody’s business.


I eat mostly organic pasta, and fruit, and a lot of baked potatoes.


Also some fish now and then.


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How much & how often should i feed a two-month-old sun conure?
Sun conure parrot on blue towel

How Much & How Often Should I Feed a Two-month-old Sun Conure?

The first answer to the Quora question:

I don’t know but I would recommend joining one of the many parrot groups on Facebook. I would think he would be eating very often. When my eclectus was 5 months he would eat a meal and then 15 minutes later be hungry again!

Well, that was helpful ~ not.

Facebook groups are the absolute worse place for pet bird information. If the information were ANY good we would not see 60% death by starvation of pet birds in the US.


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What Is Your Opinion of These Fresh Bird Chop Ingredients?

Scott R. wonders,

Hi Mitch, always reading on how to keep my bird healthy and happy and stumbled on to your last email and was interested if maybe I should try making this food or not.

1 cup dry quinoa (makes about 2 cups when cooked), 2 carrots, 1 broccoli, 1 medium beetroot, 6 chilies, ¼ cup flaked almonds, ½ cup rolled oats. Cook quinoa, chop all other ingredients, and mix everything together.

Eclectus/Galah/Cockatoo/Amazon: 2-4 tablespoons


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Please Help Me Not Starve My Parrot

We’ve got some feedback on our statement “50% of captive birds deaths are from malnutrition” and I’m horrified.


Dollars Mum asked some pointed nutritional questions below and I’m always glad to have this discussion.


I think that people who serve their birds “chop” I well-intentioned but very misguided. A bird living on nothing but chop is a malnourished bird.


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My budgies beak broke off – can i fix it?
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My Budgies Beak Broke Off – Can I Fix It?

Stevie Van Zandt requested your answer

I have a rescue budgie, the top of his beak was almost totally gone, just barely hanging.


We have NO vet in my area and nobody specializes in birds.


I removed what was hanging and she seems ok, I made a “mush” for her to eat. Will the beak grow back?


Your bird’s beak may or may not grow back.


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How Do I Reduce My Male Budgies Aggression?



I look forward to getting your email every Sunday and reading it has become as much a ritual as the old Sunday paper.

And now I have a question for you.


Thunder and Lightning are my bonded parakeets.


I’ve had them for years.


Last summer I saw more and more breeding activity, so I bought a box and let nature take its course.


Thunder laid four eggs, one of which was fertilized.


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Answers For Breeding And Feeding Budgies

Hello, My 2 parakeets had been mating & the hen has been laying 14-15 eggs so far.


After the first 9, the male who had been guarding the nest abandoned the eggs.


It seemed they are all unfertilized after looking at them under a bright flashlight.


Then they started building another nest under the table where I keep all their supplies (inside a bucket).



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