R-E-S-P-E-C-T the Beak!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T that is what your parrot needs


Aretha Franklin famously sang the song Respect where that word was spelled out as above. The song was about demanding that a man respect her if he wanted her love. But the same word applies to our parrots just as much if we want to develop good, healthy, loving relationships with them.


These magnificent animals are not like domesticated dogs and, in some cases even cats, whereupon first meeting, positive interaction is likely.



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What Should a 1st Time Bird Owner Know Before They Buy?

To start with, begin understanding the scope for your choice of pet birds. Here is a list of more than 500 species you can choose from each having its own nuances.


I stress making this distinction because so many people talk about things like “make sure you don’t get a bird larger than a conure or a parakeet”.


If you break down that statement it’s really nonsensical because conures range from 64 grams (green cheeks) to 280 g (Patagonians) the size of a Timneh African Grey.



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I Am 72 Years Old & Do Not Want Her Rehomed From a Rescue

Karen S. relates,


Mitch, I have had birds for the last 35 years all have lived a wonderful life and went to the rainbow bridge before I wanted them to.


I am now 72 years old and I do not want to place her where she will be adopted out.


She is 26 years old, a rescue, and needs a special bird person.


I live outside Annapolis, MD, and have found places that do the rescues and adopt them out or sell them.



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How Do I Handle My 2 Amazon Rescues Both With a Broken Wing?



Good Morning, I am rescuing 2 abused Amazon parrots – Male / Female.


Both have 1 broken wing and cannot fly.


Female about 4-5 years old).


The male (about 15 yrs) picks the top of this wing and has scabs – not healed – what can I do to promote healing?


From my observation, both birds are under extreme stress.


Please let me know what I can apply topically to prevent further picking and plucking.



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What are Good Protein Sources for Parrots?

Gabby M. relates


Hi all,


I make a chop of fresh veggies and if I can, fruit, but my guys do not seem to like fruit, since we incorporated it into the diet my Senegal Gabby does not eat any of his seed mix or his pellets or anything but the chop, I have incorporated beans and edamame into it for protein but am afraid he might not be getting enough protein.


I am putting it in twice a day at the evening change of food and in am before I head out so he has more to eat.


I am not sure if he gets enough protein in his diet with only the beans?



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