Why Does My Ringneck Keep Flying From My Shoulder to Her Cage?

Lydia G. has 2 issues with my Indian Ringneck


Hi, my Indian Ringneck keeps flying back to her cage all the time when I take her around on my shoulder.


She won’t venture further than a foot away from it.


She also has a box she likes to spend time in and on.


She has toys to play with and I give her branches to rip up.


I keep going and getting her every time and repeat it quite a few times and she always goes back.


She was doing this at her previous owners too.



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How Do I Handle My Deceased Partners Double Yellow Head Amazon?

I have my partner’s Double Yellow Head Amazon (Hen) he had her 35 years, (he figured she was about 5 yrs old when he got her), I was with him the last 25 years.


He passed away on 1-14-20 Congestive Heart Failure.


I had never handled her I was afraid of being bitten, but I started just after he died I figured it was not would she bite me but when & how hard. In the last year, she has only bitten me maybe 7 or 8 times and only drew blood 3 times.



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3 Bird Safe No Stick Cookware Alternatives

Hi Mitch

I am long overdue for getting appropriate bird-safe cookware to use around my African Grey.


I’ve wanted the Calphalon set for years. Do you know anything about it being safe? I get a little confused. I know “Teflon” is not good, but just what is meant by non-stick?


Is all “non-stick” unsafe around birds?


Thank you for your time. KATHY


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Tips on Painting & Restoring Older Bird Cages

I think the main reason that people don’t try to paint older bird cages is because of what they’ve heard or read about the harmful effects of lead, zinc, and so forth.
The point that needs to be made is the most of the paints sold in the US for the past 40 years can be safe for human infants – as long as it’s dry.
Our government really wasn’t thinking about our birds – they were looking out for our children.
The government has gone to great lengths to ensure that paint sold for use in the home is safe. The confusing issue is something called “Flashing”.


Flashing describes the chemicals that you should be concerned about, evaporating from the paint. These are solvents known as “VOC’s” (Volatile Organic Compounds).


VOC’s are why you need to keep the area you’re painting the cage in, well ventilated even when using what are known as safe paints. 



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How Droopy Wings Sent Us Flying to Our Avian Vet This Morning

We keep the apartment at a cool 65° but Popcorn has an oil-filled heater next to her cage and an old-fashioned mercury thermometer next to her cage so we know that she’s in a temperature comfort zone.


She had been spending a lot more time in her birdcage rather subdued. We attributed it to the cool apartment meaning she enjoyed staying warm in her cage. 

I had run errands earlier and when I got home she had moved from one of her Booda perches that she sleeps and spends most of her time on to her heated perch. I didn’t give it a second thought. 


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