What Would Be a Good Perch for My 2 Amazon Parrots?

Deborah F. is looking to get new perches for my blue fronted amazon male and orange wing amazon female… they like to sit on the same perch during their out time ..which is most of the day.


Would this perch (small) or the same one in medium be strong enough to hold them both?


Coffee Tree Perch Natural Y by Prevue 9″ Small 

Right now they have a medium Polly sand perch with no coating on it and it holds them just fine.



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How Do I Stop My 21-year-old Female Cockatiel From Screaming?

Nancy B. has a very needy cockatiel,


My 21-year-old female cockatiel refuses to stay in her cage.


She goes to all extents to get attention, the most of which is constant screaming.


If she so much as hears a squeak as I’m walking down the stairs – she starts screaming.


She can go on for hours at a time until I finally take her out of the cage.


This behavior is constant and interestingly she tries to “mate” when she sits on my finger.



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What Is a Reliable Bird-safe Emergency Heat Source?

Jean R. is concerned,


I have a middle-aged white-capped Pionus parrot. 


I live in North Carolina in an apartment that uses electric heat. 


I chose this apartment for my parrot because I ran into issues with gas leaks at other places and was concerned about my bird. 


But in making the switch I lost the option to use gas logs in a winter loss of power in cold weather (which we had last winter).


 I do not even get hot water.  



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What Are Those Dark Brown Bugs I Am Seeing Near His Birdcage?

Sue is concerned,


I’m seeing small, dark brown bugs which don’t bite in the low-level carpeting near his big cage, where his daily food is on a shelf bagged and sealed, or in plastic containers. Supplies are refrigerated.  


I tried spraying with white vinegar. 


Can you advise me on a debugger?   I tried to download photos but failed. 



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A Congo Greys Companion’s Feather Plucking Questions Answered

First name: Peggy C.


How long has your bird been plucking? 


Approximately 7 years 


Species (please be specific, there are 43 species of Macaws) 


Congo African Grey parrot


Your bird’s sex if (known) by DNA or feather color (dimorphic bird)? 




Your bird’s age? 




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Should You Really Buy the Biggest Cage You Can Afford?

Karen C. asks,

I know you’re supposed to house your pet in the largest cage you can afford.

At least that’s what I’ve read in past issues of Bird Talk.

Anyway, I’ve done my share of parakeet rescues and as of now, I’m down to 2 birds.

They’re housed in an older Prevue cage #F099 which I purchased when a pet shop by us was going out of business and was selling out their stock.


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