Why Does My Ringneck Keep Flying From My Shoulder to Her Cage?

Lydia G. has 2 issues with my Indian Ringneck


Hi, my Indian Ringneck keeps flying back to her cage all the time when I take her around on my shoulder.


She won’t venture further than a foot away from it.


She also has a box she likes to spend time in and on.


She has toys to play with and I give her branches to rip up.


I keep going and getting her every time and repeat it quite a few times and she always goes back.


She was doing this at her previous owners too.



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How Do I Handle 2 Flighted Out of Control Cockatiels?

Elleen A.  relates,    


I have 2 male fully flighted cockatiels that will not let us handle them. They are bonded. How can I get them to let us handle them again?


Dear Elleen

Short answer. You can’t.  Birds of a feather stick together and you have no feathers.  


Long answer.


You can clip their wings, separate them into different cages, and plan to spend several hours with each of them individually in daily sessions in hopes to earn their trust and want to be with you.



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How Do I Stop My 21-year-old Female Cockatiel From Screaming?

Nancy B. has a very needy cockatiel,


My 21-year-old female cockatiel refuses to stay in her cage.


She goes to all extents to get attention, the most of which is constant screaming.


If she so much as hears a squeak as I’m walking down the stairs – she starts screaming.


She can go on for hours at a time until I finally take her out of the cage.


This behavior is constant and interestingly she tries to “mate” when she sits on my finger.



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What Is a Reliable Bird-safe Emergency Heat Source?

Jean R. is concerned,


I have a middle-aged white-capped Pionus parrot. 


I live in North Carolina in an apartment that uses electric heat. 


I chose this apartment for my parrot because I ran into issues with gas leaks at other places and was concerned about my bird. 


But in making the switch I lost the option to use gas logs in a winter loss of power in cold weather (which we had last winter).


 I do not even get hot water.  



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A Congo Greys Companion’s Feather Plucking Questions Answered

First name: Peggy C.


How long has your bird been plucking? 


Approximately 7 years 


Species (please be specific, there are 43 species of Macaws) 


Congo African Grey parrot


Your bird’s sex if (known) by DNA or feather color (dimorphic bird)? 




Your bird’s age? 




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