What Size Rope Perches For A 45 YO Double Yellow-head Amazon?

Hi, my vet suggested differently sized rope perches for Yago, my 45 yr. old (double yellow-headed) Amazon.


His main perch (rope) is the one on top.


It is a bit long so it droops a bit.


I think it is about 1/2 inch in diameter. 


I measured the diameter of the cage at 20″. Pretty sure that should be the size for his main one. 


He has two others shown.


I would like to keep the dark brown one.  


Do you have some ideas for Yago?


Maybe one or two outside?



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Why Did My Hawkheaded Parrot Freak Out After A 4 Day Absence?

The following is a thread between Mary Anne M and Catherine


Editor’s note: We will do our best to provide cage bird keeping solutions.


The more information we have, the more precise our answers.


8/23/2018 – I have a Hawkheaded parrot named Rudy (above) that is the greatest companion!


He has been with me for the past 2 years & comes out with me daily.


My husband & I just took a long weekend vacation (4 days).


He (the bird) stayed at our house with pet sitters & remained in his cage.


Upon my return my hawkhead totally freaked out.


I let him venture out of his cage on his own & just relax before trying to handle him as usual ~ bit me down to the bone.


This is still the 1st day we are home.


Any suggestions?


I’m not a novice & have owned my gray & yellow nape for over 30 years. Thanks Mary Anne


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Is My Blue and Gold Macaw Biting Me Because of Displaced Anger?

Nancy H wrote:


Dear Mitch and Catherine,


I own a Blue and Gold Macaw that I’ve had for 23 years, I love him dearly as he’s been my little companion and room mate.


The problem is and I’m hoping you can help is that I’m not able to have my family or friends over, because Bernard will literally take a tantrum screaming until I go in and get him and bring him out to see who’s there and when I go to bring him back to his cage, he bites me hard with displaced anger.


So, as you can see I don’t know how to correct this bad behavior.


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