Learn How Gordon Controls Bird Cage Ants W/ Isopropyl Alcohol

Gordon T. relates about his success controlling ants with isopropyl alcohol

Our Senegal parrot, Frisbee, spends warm weather days on our screened-in porch, where he has a stainless steel cage.

Ants are a serious problem.

We were able to control them by placing the cage rollers in shallow water containers, but Frisbee started drinking the water.

On the theory that ants swarming on bits of his treats were following scent trails laid down by “scout” ants, I started wiping the bottoms of the legs of his cage with 90% isopropyl alcohol first thing every morning.

The alcohol evaporates almost immediately, and it is still 30 minutes or so before Frisbee goes out.


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How do i handle my molting green cheek conure with another bird?
Pineapple Conure

How Do I Handle My Molting Green Cheek Conure With Another Bird?

Lisa N writes,

Hey Catherine hope all is well I need your help again I thought by now I would be a better mommy ūüôā

Our Reggie is molting big time she loves taking a bath every day I know it’s a rough time for birds but we also have a Pineapple conure and yes one is a boy and Reggie is the girl.


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Can I Improve My Budgies Diet Using Vitamins or Supplements?

Yvonne S. wrote:


I would like to ask you a question about my parakeet.


I have been thinking she could use a vitamin/supplement.


She has a very good appetite and is active but she is eating like nobody’s business.


I eat mostly organic pasta, and fruit, and a lot of baked potatoes.


Also some fish now and then.


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