How much & how often should i feed a two-month-old sun conure?
Sun conure parrot on blue towel

How Much & How Often Should I Feed a Two-month-old Sun Conure?

The first answer to the Quora question:

I don’t know but I would recommend joining one of the many parrot groups on Facebook. I would think he would be eating very often. When my eclectus was 5 months he would eat a meal and then 15 minutes later be hungry again!

Well, that was helpful ~ not.

Facebook groups are the absolute worse place for pet bird information. If the information were ANY good we would not see 60% death by starvation of pet birds in the US.


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Can i bring an african grey into our home with our 5yo amazon?
African grey parrot and Blue-fronted amazon perched on a branch

Can I Bring an African Grey Into Our Home With Our 5yo Amazon?

Rebecca A. relates,

We are the (at least) fifth home for an older yellow-nape amazon.

The only information I have from the couple that took him in before us is the previous owner died of old age, he doesn’t like outdoors, and his name is “Brindle”, and he bites… a lot. That was 4 years ago.


He is now a healthy 743 grams (appropriate for his larger than usual size frame, according to his avian certified doctor) DNA-sexed male, microchipped, well socialized, loves classical music and opera, has arthritis in his shoulders and jaw, “walking bird” who trills and plays with family and dogs.


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