My Personally Vetted List of Pets, Animals and Corona Virus Information

My Personally Vetted List of Pets, Animals and Corona Virus Information

Otters at Georgia Aquarium test positive for Covid-19

Our thoughts on who to trust regarding information about coronavirus and pets.

No one – regardless of how many letters they have after their last name.

Here’s why:

The entire medical scientific brain trust of planet Earth is collectively working on coronavirus at some level.

Why You Need To Know About Zoonotic Avian Infections

Billions are being invested in scientific investigation and equipment manufacturing, globally.

In spite of this massive assembly of great problem solvers as well as funding going into the research as citizens of planet earth, we are having a difficult time to slow, let alone stop the outbreak ~ globally.

The next time a medical or veterinary professional writes a “quality” article about coronavirus and pets, ask yourself, “how can anyone make claims about what this virus can or cannot do if we know so little about it”?

From the CDC ~ 8 Zoonotic Diseases Shared Between Animals and People of Most Concern in the U.S.

We will update this list of personally (by MitchR) vetted information resources until it’s no longer needed.

Added 8/27/2021
New study finds animals known to be infected with coronaviruses sold at Wuhan wet market for years

Added 8/1/2021
People with COVID-19 Often Give It to Their Pets, Scientists Find

Snow leopard at San Diego zoo catches coronavirus

Are animals spreading COVID to humans?

U.S. CDC to suspend import of dogs from more than 100 countries over rabies concerns

Pawsome boarding facilities for pets in Covid-19

The first isolated Coronavirus was isolated by a veterinarian in bird in 1937

Oakland Zoo to start vaccinating their most at-risk animals for COVID-19 this summer

Coronavirus likely spread to people from an animal — but needs more study, new WHO report says

Nearly 100 Dogs and Cats Have Had COVID-19 in US

Do Birds Get Coronavirus? I Had It About a Month Ago (by Windy City Parrot)

Pets helped us cope during coronavirus pandemic, say UAE residents

Pandemic can’t stop volunteers who care for San Francisco’s wild parrots

Endangered primates face high risk of catching COVID-19

REVIEW – Animals Infected With SARS-COV-2 Strain That Causes COVID May Pose Greater Risk To Humans

Are Dogs Spreading SARS-CoV-2? Study Finds Living With a Dog Increases Risk of Contracting COVID-19

Denmark plans to cull up to 17 million mink to stop mutated coronavirus

Covid-19 makes it harder to save dogs and cats across borders, but rescue organizations are finding a way


CORONAVIRUS AND PETS: FAQS FOR OWNERS (College of Veterinary Medicine University of Illinois Urbana)

26 animals ‘regularly in contact with people may be susceptible to coronavirus’, study suggests

6/18/2020 (added here 9/22/2020)
Coronavirus: What will happen to pets after lockdown?

Updated 9/13/20
Scottish SPCA reveal their most bizarre rescues during coronavirus lockdown

Updated 9/8/20 ~ Discover: The A-B-G-Ds of coronaviruses in people and in pets

Updated 8/27/20 ~ 26-year-old Congo grey parrot, stressed by the pandemic, close to a new home

Updated 8/27/20 ~ Animals most at risk for coronavirus include reindeer and dolphins, according to study

Updated 8/04/20 ~ Can cats catch Covid?

Updated 8/04/20 ~ Buddy the German Shepherd and COVID-19 by Dr. Jean Dodds

Updated 8/02/20 ~ Ancestors of coronavirus have been hiding out in bats for decades, ready to infect humans

Updated 7/30/20 ~ Exclusive: Buddy, first dog to test positive for COVID-19 in the U.S., has died

Updated 7/26/20 ~ The pandemic’s unlikely pet: Chickens

Updated 7/14/20 ~ Squirrel tests positive for the bubonic plague in Colorado

Updated 7/11/20 ~ Dog is first animal in Texas diagnosed with COVID-19

Updated 6/30/20 ~ FDA Guidelines for Protecting Pets from COVID-19

Updated 6/29/20 ~ Swine flu strain with human pandemic potential increasingly found in Chinese pigs

Updated 6/25/20 ~ Mumbai: ‘Set Up Isolation Centres For COVID Patients’ Pets,’ Say NGOs



Updated 6/18/20 ~ Is the Corona Virus Making Your Bird Hormonal? ~ by Windy City Parrot

Updated 6/4/20 (posted 6/18 here) ~ Mass Mink Cull Ordered on Dutch Farms to Stem Coronavirus Spread

Updated 6/18/20 ~ Animal Laws and Restrictions Hidden in New COVID Stimulus Plan

Updated 6/5/20 ~ Coronavirus: what the lockdown could mean for urban wildlife

Updated 6/5/20 ~ Why you may need to encourage social distancing around your bird feeder

Updated 6/4/20 ~ Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network ‘TRAFFIC’ Indicates Wild Animals in ‘Additional Threat’ as Poaching Doubles During COVID-19 Lockdown

Updated 6/3/20 ~ Sanctuaries Petition Factory Farms to Surrender Animals From “Depopulation” Amidst Coronavirus

Updated 6/2/20 ~ Scientists Warn Bird Feeders to be Cautious of New Pneumonia-like Virus Discovered in European Birds

Updated 5/31/20 ~ Wildlife markets are the tip of the iceberg and not just in China

Updated 5/21/20 ~ SARS-CoV-2: Why cats and not dogs?

Updated 5/20/20 ~ Pigs Exempted: Study Uncovers 48 Animal Species Most Likely to Get Coronavirus



Updated 4/13/20 ~

“This is a disease nobody knows about. Nobody has spent their lives studying this.

There weren’t labs dedicated just to this disease.

4/22/20 Two Cats Are First U.S. Pets to Test Positive for Coronavirus

From: The Real Reason Veterinarians Gave a Tiger a Covid-19 Test Read more

Wild animals are reclaiming cities and streets during coronavirus lockdown

COVID-19: FAQs for Pet Owners

Coronavirus outbreak: New guidelines restrict entry of animals, birds in quarantine areas

They said pets couldn’t get the coronavirus, so how did a tiger test positive? Vets explain.

How to make DIY watering can and bird-feeder with household waste in lockdown

Coronavirus precautions for pet-owners: What you need to know

Coronavirus and pets: How COVID-19 affects cats and dogs

How the Phoenix Zoo is coping during the coronavirus outbreak

Questions and Answers on the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Latest CFIA information for consumers on food and animal health – COVID-19


CDC – Birds Kept as Pets

American Veterinary Medical Association – COVID – 19

Cats can infect each other with coronavirus, study finds

Sonakshi Sinha Pens A Stern Message For Those Abandoning Their Dogs Amid COVID-19; Read

Coronavirus advice you need if you’re a pet owner in Glasgow

COVID-19 and your pet dog or cat

Worried about your animals if you fall ill with coronavirus? Edinburgh’s LOVE Gorgie could help

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