What Nuts to Feed My Fourteen-year-old Sulfur Crested Cockatoo?

Lou K. asks,


Mitch, I have a fourteen-year-old sulfur crested cockatoo.


What nuts can I feed her every day without feeding her too many of the wrong kinds to upset her daily feed habits?


Dear Lou

Nuts are very good for birds, they contain healthy fat, vitamins and minerals and are quite tasty.


However, too many nuts can get in the way of the bird eating the rest of its pellets, veggies, fruit, and other meal items.


Birds are like children.


Given the option, they will choose the goodies, tastiest items before the healthy ones resulting in issues like bellyache, obesity, or even toxicity.


Select a good meal of pellets, some seeds, grains, a side of veggies with a little fruit, and save most of the nuts for special treats.


Start weighing your bird weekly to make sure that its weight is not overly high or low for its species and take your bird to your Avian Vet when you see changes in weight or droppings.




Hi Lou,

Here is some more information on feeding nuts to pet birds while keeping in mind what Catherine said




Mitch Rezman

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