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What Size Pellet Should I Get for a Moluccan Cockatoo?

Susan B. asks:


What size pellet should I get for a Moluccan cockatoo (aka salmon-crested cockatoo)?


Would pellets for a large Macaw or African grey be appropriate?




Dear Susan


You have a lot of options with a large Cockatoo.

You of course can use the largest pellet or biscuit.

But will your bird take a bite and drop the rest?


If yes, then you may find yourself needing to go with a smaller parrot pellet to get more from your purchase.




We have a customer that owns macaws but she gets the 4 mm Hagen Tropican Pellets instead of the larger Pellet sticks to save on wasted food.


These are some suggested pelleted products listed from largest to smallest that we have available to us.


Hagen Tropican High Performance Biscuits

Hagen Tropican High Performance Parrot Sticks

Hagen Tropican Parrot Granules 4 mm

Higgins Intune Macaw Pellets

Higgins Intune Parrot Pellets


I hope this helps.


Mitch Rezman

He's handled a 1000 birds of numerous species when they visited monthly birdie brunches in the old Portage Park (Chicago, IL) facility. The one with the parrot playground.Mitch has written and published more than 1100 articles on captive bird care.He's met with the majority of  CEO's and business owners for most brands in the pet bird space and does so on a regular basis.He also constantly interacts with avian veterinarians and influencers globally.

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