Can I Let My Finch Out of Its Cage?

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I wouldn’t. Unlike parakeets which can be tamed, most finches stay pretty wild and will always be somewhat skittish. If you let him out of the cage, he would be at risk of injury or trauma. I believe the best ways to care for a finch are:

  1. make sure he has other finch friends to play with;
  2. keep them in the largest cage you can afford—if possible, an aviary—to fly about and exercise;
  3. keep the cage, food, and water cups clean;
  4. feed good quality food with fruits and veggies;
  5. make sure they have sunshine during the day and dark and quiet at night.


Finches are sweet, happy, busy little birds. Keep them safe, and they will bring you lots of joy.




My answer:


Finches can be tamed like any other pet bird


Can I let my finch out of its cage?

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