How Do I Stop My Peach-faced Lovebird From Prolific Egg-laying?

Julie O. has a lovebird issue,


Hello Catherine & Mitch


We have a peach-faced lovebird named Kiki (she told us her name, it’s the only word she speaks) that was rescued nearly dead from starvation and dehydration on a busy Los Angeles street about 5 years ago.


We don’t know her actual age, but she looked to be fairly young then.


In the past two years, she has started laying infertile eggs.


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What Should I Do for a Hormonal Male Caique, 17 Years Old?

Donna L. asks:


What should I do for a hormonal male caique, 17 years old?


Screaming while holding a toy with his beak on the cage bottom or screaming while hanging on the cage bars, screaming at 2:30 AM.


Losing weight, killing any toy he can find, and just starting to pick at his chest and bottom of his foot.


Editor’s note: I suggest a magnified visual of both feet bottoms seeking any sores or irritations. Endnote


Stopped eating his pellets (Harrisons), I have combined them with other pellets, not interested. Will eat them if I soak them in water and mix them with cooked bird rice and spaghetti.


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I Am 72 Years Old & Do Not Want Her Rehomed From a Rescue

Karen S. relates,


Mitch, I have had birds for the last 35 years all have lived a wonderful life and went to the rainbow bridge before I wanted them to.


I am now 72 years old and I do not want to place her where she will be adopted out.


She is 26 years old, a rescue, and needs a special bird person.


I live outside Annapolis, MD, and have found places that do the rescues and adopt them out or sell them.



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Why Should I Weigh My Bird Regularly?

This scale will weigh any size parrot or parakeet. Got a long tail Ringneck? Place the scale on edge of the counter or table and let the tail hang over ~ see video below)


I don’t have time to weigh my bird, just came off your caged bird keepers excuse list.


  • Weight Range from 0~3000g (105.8219 oz)
  • Measures Grams and Ounces
  • Precise to 0.1oz and accurate digital kitchen scale with Zero and Tare function
  • High precision strain gauge sensor
  • Auto-off while not using


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