Follow Up to Did a 6 Week Absence Cause My Budgie’s Negative Behavior?

Hi Mitch,

I just noticed that you posted my questions about Ricky on your Blog. 

Here’s the original post


I’m fine with that but feel a bit uncomfortable about naming my bird’s vet and giving her web address.

I came to you with my query as I am not seeing improvement in my bird after several appointments. 


Your advice has been read and will be re-read. 

I like my bird’s vet and I don’t want to see her name tarnished in any way.

Is it possible to remove her name and web address from your blog? 

I am not comfortable with that being public.


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Do Birds Get Coronavirus? I Had It About a Month Ago.

From: June S.


Subject: Re: Hi June ~ How to Remodel Cages to Reduce 2 Bird’s Hormonal Behavior


Hi Mitch,


Do birds get coronavirus? I had it about a month ago.


My two parakeets have become so quiet and sleep alot.


I changed where I keep them thinking a change would help.


Some but not much.


Can they know I haven’t been very well?


Thank God I have recovered any thoughts?





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I Can’t Believe How Many Dangers Are in My Bird’s Cage!

From: Donna L.


Subject: Dangers found in toys and Oops, wrong Donna?


Hi Mitch,


I received your informative lesson about the dear little budgie?  (Sorry, tiny strokes-no memory)


I couldn’t stop reading.  So happy I found you! 


I started to dismantle my sweet little 21-year-old Meyer’s parrot’s toys to DIY new ones. 


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How Do I Keep My Cockatiel & Conure From Flying Into Windows?

From: ‘jmcoops’

My buddy flew into the window yesterday twice and all the feathers fell out as you can see (above).


I figured that’s where he hit the window.


He was stunned and still for several hours on my lap.


Today he seems fine.


Will those feathers grow back?


Anything I should watch for?


My husband and I debate constantly about flighted vs wing-clipped birds.



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How Do We Teach Our Bird His Name?

This is a follow-up post to:


How to Remodel a Cage to Reduce 2 Bird’s Hormonal Behavior


Lisa N. writes:


Happy New Year Catherine this is Lisa. I just wanted to let you know that Reggie and Kiwi are getting along like best friends. There have been no problems with Reggie attacking Kiwi they love being together. Thank you for that lighting treatment. 



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How Do I Wrangle This Quaker Under Control?

Subject: Re: Hi Leigh ~ Why Won’t This African Grey Play With His Toys?


Hello Mitch!


I wanted to thank you for your awesome weekly email – I look forward to the information and the humor every week!


I have a question on lighting and biting:


We have a 4yr old Quaker, Boop, who we think is male… does a bit of chest plucking – almost like a Tourettes behavior… but he seems to get awful pin feathers. It’s better now I have him on an avian vitamin powder.


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How Well Do Parrots Handle Elevations Higher Than 12,000 Feet?

The original question posted to Quora was


How well would a parrot be able to handle elevations higher than 12,000 feet?


From Wikipedia we learn:


The thick-billed parrot (Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha) is a medium-sized green and red parrot found in Mexico, that formerly ranged into the southwestern United States.


Its position in parrot phylogeny is the subject of ongoing discussion; it is sometimes referred to as a thick-billed macaw or a thick-billed conure



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