What Sizes Do the Tropican Parrot Food Pellets Come in?

Linda L. would like to know:


Is the size of the Tropican Lifetime Parrot granules much bigger than the Tropican Lifetime Cockatiel granules?


Hard to tell from pictures


Dear Linda,

The Cockatiel size granule is 2 mm, the Parrot size granule is 4 mm.


The stick sized pellet is about 3/4″ x ¼”.


Editors note: A notable component of Tropican is that it addresses nutrition by species size.


In other words, if one looked at the ingredient panels for all five sizes of most pellet manufacturers, the nutritional analysis is the same with pellet size being the only difference.


Tropican cockatiel granules have a minimum of 13% protein while the Parrot granules and Tropican sticks have 21% and 22% protein.


This is because Mark Hagen and his team knew from the start (30 years ago) that a cockatiel has a much lower need for calories than an umbrella cockatoo.


Thus the excess protein contents become not only become biological waste but an inflated component in the cost of manufacturing the food which is calculated in terms of kilocalorie. Endnote


Tropican sticks are entirely edible, and can easily be held by your Parrot’s zygodactyl foot.


5 types of bird feet


Their hardness and density contribute to a healthier beak, which is essential to your bird’s overall well being.


Choose the size according to your bird’s likes.


Tropican sticks are recommended for Amazons, Macaws, Cockatoos, and any other bird that prefers a larger piece.


I am aware of one customer that chooses the 4 mm Tropican Parrot granule for her Macaws because they waste so much of the larger sticks.

Tropican high performance parrot sticks by hagen hari 3. 3 lb (1. 5 kg)
Tropican High Performance Parrot Sticks by Hagen Hari 3.3 lb (1.5 Kg)


I looked at your past orders with us.


In your last order, it contained Tropican Cockatiel Granules and Tropican High-Performance Parrot Biscuits.


The Biscuits are quite large at 1” x ½” and popular with large macaws.


Please let me know if I can help you further selecting a pellet for your birds.


Linda L. replied


I have an African Grey, and I bought the smaller pellet last time which she eats but I thought I would go to parrot size if they weren’t too big as I don’t want a lot of waste.

Tropican lifetime parrot granules by hagen hari 1. 8 lb (820 g)
Tropican Lifetime Parrot Granules by Hagen Hari 1.8 lb (820 g)


Ah, I think your grey would enjoy the 4 mm Parrot sized granule.


There will always be waste with birds, it is in their nature to be messy. It was why they were put on this earth to replant it with what they don’t eat (and fall to the ground).

Tropican lifetime parrot granules by hagen hari 1. 8 lb (820 g)
Tropican Lifetime Cockatiel Granules by Hagen Hari 1.8 lb (820 g)


Please don’t expect them to eat every speck or they will starve or become malnourished over time.


Cleaning up uneaten food is the price we pay for having such wonderful creatures in our lives.


Kindest regards,


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