Do My Birds Need Heated Perches and Warming Panels?

Barbara D. wonders:


I have 2 Blue Fronted Amazons.


I have a heated Thermo Perch in the cage but am concerned about the winter room temperature when I bring the birds out to the living room in their cage to be with us, their room is set for 68/69 but the living room is more like 66.


So I thought the Snuggle Up panel might be good to add to the perch.


They have not checked out the warm perch yet.


I have seen them on the heated perch in the winter before, this perch is second to lowest perch in their cage.


Should I raise the perch a bit higher?



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How Do I Stop My Cockatiel From Laying So Many Eggs?

Debra W. is worried:


Help, I have tried everything to get her to stop. I am worried about her health.


Dear Debra,

We understand your concern. We went through this with a beloved cockatiel ourselves.

She would masturbate, lay eggs, and turn into a beast until the eggs were abandoned or removed.


Then do it all over again.



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How Do I Build an Outdoor Bird Cage?

Paul S. seeks advice:


My wife is getting a GCC (Green Cheek Conure) within the next month or so.


We live in the Midwest (Kansas City) and I would like to build a cage outside on our deck so our GCC can get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.


What size recommendations would be beneficial to our new bird?


Also what kind of shading does it need?


Our deck is on the east side of the house with the sun almost all day.



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Do Lighting CRI Ratings Help Birds & What the Heck are They?


I wanted to inquire about the three bulbs I purchased that were delivered today.
They are not the same bulbs that are shown in the photo and I’m not seeing a CRI on the bulb itself to be able to confirm that these are full spectrum.
Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb 100 Watt (uses 23W)
I tried doing a google search of the product and from what I found, these bulbs have a CRI of only 81 (not full spectrum).
The bulbs were not delivered in a product box, they were sitting in a plastic container and wrapped with packing materials, so again I can’t confirm if I was shipped the incorrect bulbs.
Can someone please look into this for me? 
Caitlin D.


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