Do You Have a Sturdy Floor Lamp Base for a Ceramic Heat Bulb?

Andi S. wonders about heat lamps:

Hello, Do you have a sturdy floor lamp base for the ceramic heat bulb that you sell?


I have a yellow nape amazon.


The vet says to have heat 80-85 degrees.


Which wattage will reach this temperature?


Hi Andi

​We don’t offer a floor lamp for infrared heat lamp bulbs, only a Clamp On light or a Swag Light.

​These light fixtures have a ceramic socket to handle the heat and bulb guard.


​If the bird is out of the cage the hot infrared heat lamp would pose a danger and should not be used.


​I’m curious about the vet recommending 80 – 85 degrees, that’s pretty warm unless the bird is ill.


​Generally, if you are warm your bird is warm and if you are cold, your bird is cold.


​There are alternatives like heated perches and warming panels.

African grey parrot on heated thermo perchBird Warming
Heated Thermo Perch for Medium Sized Birds

​We personally use an oil-filled heater next to all our cages in the winter.

​Stay safe



Mitch Rezman

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