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Cam M. is seeking:


Hi! I’m looking at getting a cage from you guys, Indoor Aviary Flight Cage for Small Birds by Prevue F040 Black, and we already have our two boy budgies, and I was wondering if this cage has any smaller openings?


Where we could attach their out of cage feeder and bath container?


3 Tweek Clean mess-less feeders in our
Prevue F050 budgie aviary ~ video


Dear Cam


Yes, the cage has side doors, but they are small, meant for breeder boxes or feeders.


Here is a link directly to the Prevue F040 cage on the Prevue website. There you can see additional pictures to show in better detail the side doors.


Prevue F40 aviary


Prevue F040 Aviary


We have a Prevue F040 for our African Ringneck which is smaller than the Prevue F050.



We had 10 parakeets so we went with the larger Prevue F050 but the F040 would be plenty big for the two budgies.


If you would like help placing an order, please let me know. The price on the website includes shipping and if this is your first order, you get 15% off at checkout.


Thank you



Mitch Rezman

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