Can I Help Out Our Cockatiel During a Molt?

Scott S. inquires:


Hi – I actually have a birdie question.


We have a 2-year-old male Gray Cockatiel who has the worst case of “ouwie feathers” under his wings.


We can lift his wings and see a number of pin feathers that are causing some distress.


Question: what if anything can we do to help him out?


He’s fine otherwise, big beautiful boy and a best in class winner here in Florida last year.


Thank you in advance!



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Why Does My Macaw Hate the Inside of His New Birdcage?

Dale S. has a new B&G macaw rescue and relates:


About a month ago I received a blue gold macaw as kind of a rescue, the folks that had him couldn’t handle or take care of him anymore. 


I am his third owner in as best they could tell me 12 years. 


I don’t have any experience with macaws prior. 


So far so good except the cage ordeal. 


The cage they gave me for him was way too small and he absolutely hated it so I built him a perch to hang out on in my basement till I could get a suitable cage for Oscar. 


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