Birds and Parrots in the News

Birds and Parrots in the News

“You have arrived at the only place on the web that aggregates news stories specifically for pet bird companions.”

The parrot problem: why Zoom calls are forcing people to abandon their pets

This post has aggregated articles about birds including but not limited to psittacine, wild birds, and raptors.

Added the week of 10/23/2021

Can YOU spot the bird hiding among the pebbles on this beach?

Added the week of 10/17/2021
Photos: Parrots dwell in a huge nest

Cockatiels’ Singing Skills Confirmed As They Mimic Human Whistles In Perfect Harmony

Could Hong Kong’s Fugitive Cockatoos Save the Species?

To Help a Rare Brazilian Parrot, Start With a Crossbow and Rappelling Beekeepers

Home tweet home: how an illustrator captured the intricacy of bird nests

Bougainville Birds Provide A 100-Year Baseline For Biodiversity : Short Wave

You don’t need a PhD to tune into birds. Just open your ears to the soundtrack of your neighbourhood | Erin Lennox

World’s most dangerous bird raised by humans 18,000 years ago, study suggests

Cockatiel Plays Peekaboo with a Nest of Baby Birds

Added the week of 9/19/2021

Parrot Hilariously Asks Alexa to Add Pulled Pork to Shopping List

Brilliant Bruce the Disabled Parrot Uses Pebbles to Clean Himself With Broken Beak—Something Never Before Observed

Hundreds Of Dead Migratory Birds In New York City Prompt Calls For Dimming Lights

Has an Aussie cyclist finally found the way to stop magpies attacking riders?

researchers say they’ve cracked Darwin’s pigeon ‘enigma’

Griffi the Dancing Cockatoo, locked in a cage for 5 years, turns a new feather on life

Watch These Cockatiels Sing Without Missing a Single Beat

Parrots swoop in for Angela Merkel’s swan song

Added the week of 9/12/2021

Merlin Bird ID – Free, instant bird identification help and guide for thousands of birds – Identify the birds you see

Birds are developing larger beaks to cope with climate change

Added the week of 9/5/2021

A little bird told me: how a magpie taught me I could be a father

Australian ducks can learn to swear and will call you a ‘bloody fool’ if you’re not careful

Fossils of Giant Carnivorous Birds Found in Argentina | Paleontology

Why is the color blue so rare in nature?

Added the week of 8/29/2021

This Adorable Bird Named Mushroom Has TikTok All A-Flutter with His Singing Talents

Searching for Bird Life in a Former ‘Ocean of Forest’

Did you know birds use tools? Did you know some birds make their own tools?! | First Dog on the Moon

Roadrunner Blocked by U.S. Border Wall Wins Best Bird Photo of 2021

Added the week of 8/22/2021

How to avoid getting swooped by a magpie this spring

Why Heat Waves Amplified by Climate Change Are a Big Problem for Baby Birds

Parrot Found At Waterloo Station Won’t Stop Making Tube Announcements

Face-mask may prompt a magpie attack, expert warns

Bird migration Indiana: How it works, and why Indiana is a hot spot

Giant centipedes devour sea birds on this unique island

Female hummingbirds look like males to avoid attacks, study suggests

Added the week of 8/15/2021

Curious Owls Surprise Bird Lover with ‘Amazing’ Visit During Her First Night in New Home

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Roadkill placed on ‘sky tables’ to lure rare birds of prey

Biologists say ‘Love Island’ filming not to blame for distressed birds

Dozens of exotic birds looking for loving homes at Palm Beach Parrot and Bird Rescue


Fledgling Birds Don’t Need to Be ‘Rescued’ Lifehacker

Added the week of 8/8/2021

A bird by any other name would sound as sweet

Petition to Ban All Interstate Transport of Wildlife Would Cripple US Hunters, Conservation

What We Are Reading Today: Naturalized Parrots of the World by Stephen Pruett-Jones

Added the week of 8/1/2021

Goose flying upside down is simply showing off, say experts

Unraveling a Mystery: Bird Brains Left Other Dinosaurs Behind

Added the week of 7/25/2021

The 2021 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions | Audubon

Amazingly Preserved Bird Fossils Reveal Links to Dinosaurs

Study Says Quantum Physics Drives Bird Migration Patterns

Vanishing: Song for the Bobolink

Dog and Lovebird Parrot Friends: Mango and Bella |

Some birds observed stealing hair from living mammals

From exhaustion to asphalt burns, Minnesota’s birds feel the heat

Added 7/21/2021
Rare pink water bird lands in Michigan, delighting public

Added 7/13/2021
Birds Aren’t Real’ Movement Takes Flight in US: All You Need to Know

Added 7/13/2021
Outcry over plans for Sussex holiday village next to rare bird habitat

Added 7/12/2021
A Full, Detailed Tutorial on How to Photograph Birds and Wildlife

Added 7/10/2021
Why it matters that climate change is shrinking birds

Added 7/6/2021
United Uses Basic Approach To Remove Birds From A Hawaii Flight

Added 7/1/2021
Grameenphone sued for using indigenous bird in ad

Added  6/27/2021
Hubert the hummingbird is a serial feeder bully in Hayward

Added 6/25/2021
Animals can navigate by starlight. Here’s how we know.

Added 6/25/2021
Source of a Weird Quantum Sense Found in an Actual Migratory Bird For The First Time

Added 6/23/2021
Free flying passion ~ Birdkeeper Syimir Safawi speaks to the Sun on raising parrots with freedom in mind

Added 6/22/2021
Colourful new Australians move in to New Plymouth zoo

Added 6/16/2021
Heartwarming! Video of man and bird eating food from same plate goes viral – WATCH

Added 6/7/2021
How Feral Peacocks Stay Alive in Urban Neighborhoods

Added 6/2/2021
Mario Andretti Is Trying to Teach His Parrot to Swear

Added 6/1/2021
Are San Jose finches protecting their nest or evicting the children?

Added 6/1/2021
These birds are susceptible to speed-based magic tricks — but not several others that regularly fool humans

Added 5/28/2021
Bird brain! Alpine parrot may have fled to the mountains to avoid people, study says

Added 5/27/2021
Little birds destroying window screens in San Jose neighborhood

Added 5/26/2021

Added 5/8/2021
Juliet, the last wild macaw in Rio, is lonely and looking for her Romeo

Added 5/6/2021
Where to find parrots in Minecraft?

Added 5/3/2021
Parrot Trapped On Roof Keeps Telling Fire Crew To ‘F*** Off’

… Bird Poop Everywhere!!!

Added 4/28/2021
Lovebirds Adore Our Inefficient Air-Conditioning

Added 4/29/2021
The Frogmouth Is Instagram’s Most Photogenic Bird, German Researchers Say

Added 4/28/2021
The Parakeets of London

Added 4/27/2021
Budgie in the crowsnest! Stowaway bird is found clinging on for dear life on fisheries protection vessel 25 MILES out

Added 4/20/2021
Birds by the Billions: A Guide to Spring’s Avian Parade

Added 4/17/2021
Importance of Salt (Sodium Chloride) in Bird Food

Added 4/15/2021
Owner gets more than just her pet parrot after lost bird was found at Anakeesta

Added 4/1/2021
Bird Feeders sickening both birds and People in Washington and Oregon

Added 3/29/2021
These ancient Americans mummified parrots. No one knows why

Added 3/25/2021
New study finds birds give people as much happiness as money

Crisp-loving Norfolk parrot flies again after diet

The Wonder Gardens hosts Parrots and Parasols event to celebrate birds, more

Added 3/4/2021
Playing dead really works to help insects avoid being eaten by birds

Added 2/25/2021
Rare bird: ‘Half-male, half-female’ cardinal snapped in Pennsylvania

Added 2/15/2021
High-altitude birds evolved thicker ‘jackets’

Added 2/12/2021

Added 02/07/21
Red Feathers on Grey Parrots

Added 02/06/2021
Stunning Images of Starlings in Flight

Added 02/04/2021
Snowy owl seen in Central Park after 130 years, a rare spotting of an ‘unpredictable’ Arctic bird

Added 01/24/21
Learning To Love Bird Photography, Thanks To A ‘Competitive Collaboration’

Added 01/22/21
Will dormant oil harm flocking birds? Ask an expert

Added 01/22/21
Natural Lowcountry: Iconic bird may be the coast’s canary, tracking effect of plastics

Added 01/21/2021
Enormous pigeon-eating catfish wreaking havoc on Europe’s ecosystems (Nat-Geo)

Added 01/20/2021
Singing Parrot Tackles Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen + More Rock Songs

Added 01/19/2021
10 Fun Facts About the American Robin

Added 01/16/21
Cities Can Help Migrating Birds on Their Way By Planting More Trees and Turning Lights Off at Night

Added 12/29/2021
This African Gray Parrot Is the First Animal To Ever Ask an Existential Question

Zoo Jobs ~ Curator of Birds

Clever Cockatiel Performs an Adorable Array of Tricks

Mass die-off of birds in south-western US ’caused by starvation’

Meet The Birds Of The “Twelve Days Of Christmas” (courtesy: Harold S.)

Birds to take to the skies in competition in Pattaya

Florida bird caught on video swallowing whole alligator

Who needs scissors? Pet parrot cuts opens packets with her beak – and then adds the shredded pieces to her plumage

This Unusual Bird Superpower Goes Back to the Dinosaur Extinction

Fossil Remains of Peculiar Bird With Large Bill Provide Glimpse of Avian Diversity in Dinosaur Era

Pueblo Indian blanket dating back 800 years was made out of 11,500 turkey feathers plucked while the birds were still alive, archaeologists say


‘Gentle’ Gorilla Assists Injured Bird Caught in Zoo Enclosure During ‘Awesome’ Animal Moment


Philadelphia Sees Largest Mass Collision Event in the City in 70 Years

What Biden’s Presidential Win Means for Birds and the Environment

‘Parrot, Meet Gorilla’: African Grey Parrot and Gorillas Introduced at Zoo Atlanta ~ video

Birds of a feather do flock together

Bird invasion headed to Northeast Ohio

Kākāpō, the world’s fattest parrot, named New Zealand’s bird of the year for 2020

A Carrier Pigeon’s Military Message Was Delivered a Century Too Late

Las Vegas bans feeding birds, other animals at city parks

App allows city-dwellers to turn citizen scientists and track Australia’s urban birds

Birds’ genetic secrets revealed in global DNA study

Added 10/28/2020
Guy Built A Bird Feeder That Accepts Bottle Caps For Food, And These Wild Magpies Love It.

Added 10/27/2020
Eye size predicts where birds breed and feed

Added 10/26/2020
Scientists Reveal What May Be the Largest Flying Bird Ever

Added 10/20/2020 ~ published 10/2/20
Meet famed nature writer Helen Macdonald – and her pet parrot

added 10/17/2020
Take action now to reduce risk of avian flu

added 10/16/2020

added 10/13/2020
Bearded vulture: Mystery of bird’s UK appearance solved

added 10/13/2020
‘Jet fighter’ godwit breaks world record for non-stop bird flight

added 10/7/2020 (Published 7/5/2020)
Florida man trapped alone with hundreds of parrots

This rare bird is male on one side and female on the other

Toothless dino’s lost digits point to spread of parrot-like species

Cockatiel Practices His Opera Scales in a Lovely Voice

Many Big-Brained Birds Have Human-Like Lifespans—but Why?

Parrot Plumage Color May Be Linked To Body Size And Climate

First Fossil Feather Ever Found Belonged to This Dinosaur

Happy Cockatiel Sings With Veggies on His Little Head

Foul-Mouthed Parrots to Return to Park, Possibly Reformed

On the coast of Chile, bird nests show the scars of plastic pollution

1/9/2020 (added here 9/29/2020)
It’s not just humans and apes who help each other. Parrots do too.

Parrots in wildlife park moved after swearing at visitors

Rehoming pigeon: kererū returns to hatchery 24 years after flying the coop

Do Birds Have A Subjective Reality? A New Experiment Suggests So

3/20/2020 (added here 9/25/2020).
Most bird feed contains troublesome weed seeds.

These birds communicate by fluttering their feathers—and they have different accents

Brazil training paused after parrot lands on player Benites’ head

AWS warns of parvovirus outbreak, half their dog patients infected

These parrots developed new dialects in captivity. Can their wild kin understand them?

ENTERTAINMENT 30 Funny Comics About Parrots, Illustrated By A Bird Owner

3/20/2020 (added here 9/17/20)
Most wild bird feed contains troublesome weed seeds: Bird feed mixtures may be helping to spread troublesome weeds that threaten agricultural crops

FEELING BLUE ‘Tropical bird’ spotted in car park turns out to be seagull dyed BLUE

Talking parrot becomes very demanding in the morning

These comedy wildlife photos will bring a tear to your eyes!

Singing parrot shocks wildlife park guests, Facebook users with Beyoncé rendition

Chrissy Teigen Introduces Her Family’s ‘Fabulous New Friends’ — Pet Birds Jasmine and Aladdin!

Federal government considers lifting ban on importing parrots 25 years after it was introduced

Parrot is in training to become an interior decorator 


Birds are keeping me sane in lockdown. When this is over, we must do more to protect them | Suzy Freeman-Greene

PHOTOS: Skywatch Bird Rescue

Lobbyist Ron Book threatens man over the alleged kidnapping of parrot.

How To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft And Get Them To Sit On Your Shoulder?

Celebrate National Pet Bird Day on September 17

Birds Flyin’ High

Even pigeon wings are astonishingly beautiful under UV light

Pet birds allowed on Taipei MRT (subway) from Sept. 1



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