How Did I Cure My Grey’s Plucking Almost Over Night?

Michael G. relates:


I have a mystery! I have two African Greys. 


But first, a bit of history. 


They are in a large cage 3′ deep, 6′ high, and 5′ long. 


I rehomed them after 18 and 20 years with the female the oldest and banded while the male doesn’t have a band. 


She is pretty docile while he, after 2 years is still a bit afraid and likes to bite when she is startled. 



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How Much Lighting Will I Need for my New Bird Room?

Stephanie M. needs to know:

Hi. I am building a new house with a bird room (for a 30+-year-old female Moluccan cockatoo) located in the middle of the house (where all the excitement happens).

It will have a drain and water for easy cleaning, plus doors for nighttime.

It will also have appropriate lighting.

I will need to install wet-protected light fixtures (easiest is typical shower recessed 6″ fixtures that take standard Edison base bulbs).

That’s my question…if the room is 10’2″W x 5’6″D x 8′ 4″H, how many lights do I need?

Thanks for any advice you can lend


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How Do I Get My Cockatiels to Have Little Birds?

William F. wants to know:


I have a question, is that appropriate?


If yes – I have had 2 cockatiels, m/f, for about 6 months.


They are about 2yrs old and happily paired.


A few months ago I even watched them having sex !!! (a shocker for me … :)) – but ….. no eggs, no little birds.


I do have a nesting box in the big cage, but neither bird has paid it the least attention.



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How Do We Stop Our Budgie from Over Preening Us?

Chris M. seeks budgie advice:


Hello, I enjoy your site and your advice very much.


My wife and I just got our hand raised Budgerigar, the bird is very affectionate and spends quite a bit of time on our shoulders.


Recently it has started to preen us, the issue is that it’s preening can be painful as it will focus on skin imperfections or small folds of skin and nip quite hard.



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