Why Does My Severe Macaw Only Like One Kind of Toy?

Why Does My Severe Macaw Only Like One Kind of Toy?

Joyce L. writes:
My Severe Macaw only likes one kind of toy.
I have bought him so many.
Other hanging toys scare him I have bought him toys that I have to give to my Pionus who likes everything.
The toy is a hanging white rope with colored wood circles. What can I do to keep him happy?

Hi Joyce,


I would need to know what kind of toy your Severe Macaw likes.
Also, it’s hard to make a judgment call without seeing the toy in the cage and how it relates to the bird and its position within the bird’s environment.
Knowing the age, sex, and diet of the bird would be important information as well.
Here are some articles that will help guide you on bird toy implementation:
Stay safe
Thank you so much, Mitch.
I did locate his favorite toy and bought 3 of them.
He is a very happy bird and a clown.
He will be 31 this month.
He is also a big baby.
He likes colored wood circles as a foot toy also.
I feed him Zupreem parrot food, with the African Grey on the bag.
He also likes Tropical Nutriberries, apples, bananas, and grapes, I only give one tiny piece a day of the fruits to avoid tummy aches.
He is afraid to go to the vet so he only likes to cuddle and walk on me when the sun is down.
He is a good talker and understands concepts and the correct word to use when
I love him to bits💔💔
Hi Joyce,
 We love happy bird stories.
Your bird won’t get tummy aches from fruit except for citrus which may irritate the crop as the acidic pulps resides there for hours.
I just posted an article entitled
in the post I say”
We must take into account the materials, colors and textures you’re offering, or not.
Have you introduced bird toys made of the following:
  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Leather thongs
  • Scrap leather
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Vine
  • Palm
The position of bird toys within the cage is also important to help achieve engagement.

I would advocate you also test for colors.

Parrots are like autistic children.

They may react poorly to “red” so they reject the entire toy.

Hope this helps.
Stay safe.

Mitch Rezman

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